We make it easy to talk to your users

A while ago we started building a web app. And like most app companies, we wanted a way to stay in touch with our users automatically.

We were sure this tool already existed.  We just wanted to find it, spend a few minutes setting it up, and start messaging our users. But there was a problem.

The tools we found only let you email your users. And they were all way too hard to use, too hard to set up, and did way more than we needed.

We wanted something simple. Something that made sending messages to our users as easy as writing a sentence. So we decided to make Autosend.


What is Autosend?

Autosend helps you send email, SMS, and push messages to your users based on what they do in your app.

We help you…

  • Send personalized emails, text messages, and push notifications to your web and mobile app users

  • Respond to replies from users in one place

  • See how well every message performs

  • A/B Test every email, text message, and web and mobile push notification you send

  • Craft messages that match your brand with WYSIWYG and HTML message creation

What Can You Do With Autosend?

There are a TON of interesting ways you can use Autosend, but here are a few examples:

  • Send an email with a time-limited discount to users that visit your upgrade or in-app purchase page without buying

  • Send a push notification to users that haven’t tried a specific app feature yet

  • Text users that have problems on your payment page to help them complete the process

  • Email a personalized email to new users that looks like it came directly from you
  • Invite inactive users to a webinar with a web or mobile push notification

  • Text an incentive to your most active users and ask them to refer friends

Autosend is a good fit if…

  • You’re a SaaS, software, or mobile app company that wants to send targeted, timely messages to users

  • You want one tool to send personalized messages to website and mobile app users

  • You need a smart event-based messaging tool up and running in a few minutes

  • You need a tool that is simple enough for anyone on the team (yes, non-technical users too) to setup and use

  • You’re looking for a way to improve conversions, onboarding, user engagement, user retention, & customer service

  • You want to automate customer interaction without coming off like a robot

I want to review Autosend or talk about your company…

Holy smokes, that’s awesome! If you want to review us or talk about us, we have everything you need here to get started. Always feel free to email us at [email protected] if you need more information.

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