2 Ways to Use Text Messages to Talk To Your Customers


2 Ways to Use Text Messages to Talk to Customers

Ok, so you know customers want text messages from you. But what now?

I mean, how exactly do you send text messages that are useful to your customers, help you meet business goals, and don’t get you on a spam list?

There are plenty of ways you can use text messages in your business. If you remember to keep it useful and timely, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Here are two ideas to help you get started.


How to Text Message Your Website Customers

1. Text when they hit your FAQ

When people use your website they sometimes have questions. And the first place they often look is your FAQ page. Be proactive and reach out. Send a text before they even have a chance to leave and try your competitor 😉 Here’s how.

  1. Setup a rule that detects when a user visits your website and looks at your FAQ page.
  2. Make sure to find out which FAQ question they’re looking at, you’re going to need it.
  3. Now send a text message to personally reach out and help them with that particular FAQ question.

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Here’s an example:

Hey {{Customer Name}}, Do you need help {{data FAQviewed}}? Here’s a link to a video to walk you through it {{data FAQViewedURL}}. Also, just text me if you need more help. – Ashli

text message marketing Example1

Remember, this can go out to each and every customer automatically. You can proactively reach out to everyone who needs help without doing a thing. Think about all the customer love you’re going to get 😉

How to Text Message Your Mobile App Users

1. Text if they’ve been inactive for a while

Unfortunately, it’s common for users to forget about you after they downloaded your app. But there’s a way to remind them you still exist with a smart text message.

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Here’s how to do it:

Hey {{Customer Name}}, Where have you been? You haven’t used our app in a while and you’re missing all our new updates. Here’s a free in-app purchase on me. Come back, we miss you!

text message marketing Example5

These are just a couple of ideas you can use to get started right now. Just set up one of the above examples right now (it’s free anyway), start sending them to your customers, and see what happens.


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2 Ways to Use Text Messages to Talk To Your Customers
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