Email, Text, In-App, NPS, & Live ROI & Customer Dashboard for SaaS, eCommerce, & Subscription Companies

More than 2,000 SaaS, eCommerce, and subscription companies are viewing customer behavior and acting on it

Effortlessly engage, retain & maximize the value of every customer.


With Autosend, you can automatically engage new trial users to get them to convert, or simply keep your existing users engaged and happy.

Grow your Business

How Autosend Works

Stop Churn

Don't lose the customers you already have. Schedule emails, SMS, an in-app messages to reach them at different points in the customer lifecycle.

Engage Users

Autosend is built to help SaaS, eCommerce, and subscription businesses scale. Autosend customers see a ROI in less than 30 days!

Our dashboard shows all of your best customers, while also giving you insights into who's at risk of churn, or who's ready for an up-sell. 

Quickly see who your promotors are, and email/text to ask them to refer others, and get feedback from detractors...automatically.

The ultimate customer dashboard

Grab Your Customer Data from Other Tools

Connect Segment, Stripe, Unbounce, and more and send messages to customers with Autosend.

No credit card required

Ready to see why Autosend is the easiest way to see and communicate with your customers?

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