Personally Message Your Users, Automatically

Send Email, SMS, & Push Messages to Your Users Based on What They Do In Your App

Your happy customer

Marketing Automation Built for SaaS and Mobile

You work hard to get users, so we developed a tool to make it easier to keep them. Whether you’re focused on increasing your free to paid conversion rates or minimizing churn, our simple to use marketing automation platform makes it happen.

How does it work

Send any message you want to the users you want

Email, text, and send push messages to your users based on what they do in your app

Your users get a personalized message at the right time

Users get a targeted email, SMS, and push notification message written just for them

Track how well your messages perform

Get only the analytics you care about to see how your users respond to your messages

Keep the conversation going

Don’t just talk at your customers, let them talk back. Your users can respond to any email or SMS you send.

Now Everyone on Your Team Can Message Your Users the Way They Want

Founders Can Make A Good First Impression

Automatically send personal, timely emails to welcome every new user. You can do it all while you work!

Growth Hackers Can Get More Users

Send an email, text, or push message to encourage users that haven’t invited their friends yet, to invite others.

Product Managers Can Retain and Engage Users

Has a user been inactive for a few days? Bring them back by sending a web or mobile push notification.

Customer Service Can Help Users Before they Ask

Did someone run into trouble on your payment page? Automatically send a text and ask if they need help!

Simple and delightful with just the features you need

A/B Testing For Every Message

Find out which messages work best. Test your subject line, name, and message body with one click.

Simple, Beautiful Analytics

We show you the information you care about. Get click rates, open rates, and how well a message is performing.

Personalize Messages With Your User’s Data

Don’t just personalize the name. Add any user data like their plan name, last app activity, sign up date, and more.

WYSIWYG, HTML Mode, and More

Make your messages look the way you want. Bring your own template or create one, it’s up to you.

Easy to Install, Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

Send Your First Message in 5 Minutes

Dead-simple copy and paste install. Just copy and paste the code snippet into your web or mobile app and you’re done.

Add Events Without Code

Your developers are busy and you just want to get started. Set up any event you want to trigger in visual mode.