Add to site, track behavior, & talk to customers in real time

Free, all-in-one customer success platform

1,132+ SaaS, eCommerce, and subscription companies are viewing customer behavior and acting on it

Email + Text + In-App + NPS + Live ROI & Customer Dashboard for SaaS, eCommerce, & Subscription Companies

See a dashboard with your best customers and get an idea of who’s ready for upsell. Find out who your promotors are, email or text to ask them to refer others, and get feedback from detractors...automatically.

Nameet Potnis

How Our Customers Use Autosend to Grow

Nameet grew recurring revenue by $900 with one message just last month. Nameet used one, perfectly-timed plain text email message to open dialogue with Apptuse users and grow recurring revenue by $900 in just one month.


Co-Founder, The Gadget Flow

Evan Varsamis

Co-Founder, Apptuse

Evan grew his eCommerce active customers 50%. The Gadget Flow used a combination of emails and in-app messages to reactivate inactive customers on their eCommerce website and mobile app.


Everything you need to boost revenue & cut churn

Autosend gives SaaS, Subscription-based, and eCommerce companies a complete, real-time picture of their customers' behavior and helps proactively engage each customer to boost revenue, retention, upsells, and NPS score – automatically.

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