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Autosend’s blog helps SaaS, eCommerce, and Subscription-based businesses learn how to reduce churn, boost customer retention, increase upsells, and improve NPS scores in an easy, digestable way.

Customer Success Resources for Your Business

Everyone wants successful “forever” customers – we teach you how to get them.

Customer Success for SaaS

Customer Success for eCommerce

Customer Success for Subscription-Based Businesses

What is Customer Success?

Customer success isn’t a tool or a metric. Customer success is doing all you can to help your customers reach THEIR goals. Yes – you can use NPS surveys, customer health scores, predictive analytics, and lifecycle emails or phone calls to help you help customers. But the truth is, no matter what you use – your SaaS, eCommerce, or subscription business won’t grow without lots of successful, loyal customers. This blog’s goal is help you do that.


Customer Success = SaaS Growth!?

What would a conversation about SaaS be without discussing user churn, user retention, and customer lifetime value? It’s frankly the lifeblood of all SaaS companies. That’s why we’ve put together some of the best resources, in one place to help SaaS Product Managers, Customers Success Teams, Marketers, and Growth Hackers scale their SaaS business by making their customers successful.

Subscription-Based Business

Customer Success = More Recurring Revenue

You can optimize your website, offer more products to members, or just find a way to make them successful. Which is easier? We can show you how to convert more visitors into longtime, paying customers that bring others just like them to your subscription-based business.


New Customers are Great, Repeat Customers are Awesome

Focusing on customer success in your eCommerce business means more revenue and more repeat customers.

We’ll show you how to reduce cart abandonment, use analytics to predict who will buy again – when, and help you identify your best customers to help you get the most out of each sale and grow your online store.

Autosend predicts your customers’ every move and uses NPS surveys, customer health scores, and more to re-engage and retain customers with messages – automatically.