You’re missing out on 18x more profit because

you’re not talking to your customers

It takes 3.5+ touchpoints to acquire and retain customers. Autosend makes these conversations happen by sending personalized email, text, and in-app messages, to the right person, at the right time – automatically.


Joe visits your site & creates an account


…but leaves before upgrading


Autosend emails Joe one hour later to remind him to upgrade



Send email, text, and in-app messages to your customers automatically

We track your customers’ activity and send personalized messages the moment they need it


Text new Stripe customers…email customers that abandon their cart…or trigger an in-app message to users that haven’t purchased yet.


Send a message when you want to…
  • Get inactive users back into your app
  • Help customers complete their purchase
  • Ask customers to update subscription
  • Get feedback from your customers
autosend screenshot 2

There are dozens of ways to use Autosend to boost conversions & get feedback for your SaaS, eCommerce & subscription-based business.

2 Minutes, You’re Done – Seriously

The entire point and click setup takes 2 minutes and NEVER involves a developer (unless you need to do something fancy). We even wrote messages & picked the perfect time to send them. Just pick your service, tweak your messages, and you’re done.

No Developers Needed – we mean it.

Screenshot 2015-01-16 10.35.36

Connect to the Tools You Already Use

Stripe, Segment, WordPress, Zapier, Shopify & Unbounce. You name it, we probably work with it (with many more integrations on the way).

autosend integrations

“With amazing automated lifecycle messaging products like Autosend – there’s no excuse not to stay in contact with your customers, frequently, across their entire lifecycle.”

Lincoln Murphy, Sixteen Ventures

More Conversations = More Conversions. GUARANTEED.

Frequent, personalized messages to your customers
means less churn, higher conversions, and more revenue.


per month

  • 25 active customers
  • 25 SMS messages
  • 50 Email messages
  • 50 In-App messages
  • Unlimited Customers in database
  • Autosend Branded Messages


per month

  • 1,000 active customers
  • 500 SMS messages
  • Unlimited In-App messages
  • Unlimited Email messages
  • Unlimited Customers in database
  • NO Autosend Branding
Autosend is GUARANTEED to boost your conversions & increase customer retention in 30 days – or your money back.

No Credit Card Required. Everyone starts with the Free Plan!

Here are just a few examples of how you can use Autosend:
  • Send customers Stripe email invoice
  • Use Recurly email templates to retain subscribers
  • Send Unbounce email marketing & SMS messages to boost conversions
  • Schedule Shopify abandoned cart emails
  • Start SMS & email WordPress autoresponder after registration
  • Send post-purchase email with related items + coupon
  • Send SMS drip campaign to Mailchimp subscribers with low email open rates
  • SMS customers with expiring credit cards
  • Setup SMS autoresponder to users that signed up on their phone
  • Announce new feature to specific segment with in-app messages
  • Send Shopify customers SMS if they don’t repurchase
  • Use in-app notifications to upgrade active users
  • Use Stripe to send cancellation email and text messages
  • Send customers personalized Recurly invoices via text message
  • Send personal founder email to reduce SaaS churn
  • Create email and SMS WordPress drip campaign
  • Trigger reminder emails to high-value users
  • Add image of the product they didn’t buy in cart abandonment email
  • Email & text message drip campaigns to real estate clients
  • Send cart recovery email to customers that left $100+ in cart
  • Get Stripe customers to update credit card with in-app message
  • Send bulk SMS to customers for support ticket follow up
  • Launch a win-back email campaign to inactive users
  • Send Shopify email invoice with referral program
  • Get post-purchase feedback with customer survey email & in-app message
  • Send shipping confirmation email & SMS that drives more sales
  • Onboard SaaS customers with in-app messages to get them to WOW moment

*According to Forrester Research, trigger based marketing campaigns generate 4x more revenue & 18x greater profits