Predict Customer Behavior & Act On It

We show SaaS, Subscription-based, and eCommerce businesses their best customers, promoters, and who’s at risk of leaving & help automatically engage each of them.

Customer Success & Engagement,  Automated

Autosend gives SaaS, Subscription-based, and eCommerce companies a complete, real-time picture of their customer’s behavior and helps them proactively engage each customer to boost revenue, retention, upsells, and NPS score – automatically.

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Real-time Customer Behavior Dashboard

See how customers are using your product now and how that’s changing. We predict the moment a customer starts slipping away and when they are in trouble, in real-time.

See Customer Behavior & Do Something

The only thing better than predicting what customers do – is doing something about it. Send personalized text messages, email, and more to reach out at the right time.

Everything for Customer Success – in one

Email NPS surveys to long-time customers, see customer health scores, and more. Cut churn and boost revenue automatically – with one tool.

Your Business Can Have Successful, Lifelong Customers Too

800+ SaaS, subscription-based, and eCommerce companies use Autosend to keep more customers and boost revenue.

See Customer Behavior

Do you know which customers spent the most money on your website this month? Can you see which customers are leaving? Get a real-time view of customer behavior in one, easy dashboard.

Get Customer Health Score (coming soon)

Tell Autosend what a healthy customer looks like and get a score to easily identify them. Get customer health scores for every customer, segment by score, and get alerts the moment users become unhealthy.

Track & Send NPS Surveys

Do you know which customers will promote your business? Send NPS surveys and find out that your customers really think. Track each customers’ score and automatically follow up with promoters and detractors to find out more.

Predict Customer Actions

Don’t wait for churn to happen to act on it. Autosend will track your customers’ behavior and predict who’s at risk of leaving. The moment your customers become at-risk, a message will be sent to your customers to help you get them back.

Personalized Messages

Did your customer’s health score just drop? Did they just become a detractor? Automatically send a personalized email, text, or in-app message to talk them and figure out why.

Accountability + Reports for the Whole Team

Your Customer Success and Experience, Sales, Marketing, and Product Development teams will all be happy. Get analytics that help everyone on the team focus on the numbers that matter.

Easy Integrations

Segment, Unbounce, Chargify, Recurly, Stripe, Shopify, and more. We sync with tools you already use to give you a complete customer profile right away.