How to Avoid A Snapchat Hack Infographic Style

Make Your Mobile Apps Secure

How to Avoid A Snapchat Hack Infographic Style

We’ve read all the articles confirming the big Snapchat hack that published the name, phone numbers, and more about users, but what we haven’t read is the details on how we can avoid becoming the next Snapchat.

All mobile app developers just want to build fun, beautiful, useful apps, and the last thing on our minds is typically mobile app security. Unfortunately, with the facts shared in this infographic and the recent Snapchat hack, we’ve realized it’s time to put app security at the forefront of our minds.

In fact, it’s not really that hard to do, once you find the right tools and follow the best mobile app security practices available today.

So without further ado, the Mobile App Developer’s Guide to App Security…enjoy it’s interactive…oooOOOHHHH!


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How to Avoid Becoming the Next Snapchat Infographic Style
Check out this infographic about mobile app security. It's beautiful, interactive, and easy for developers that don't care or understand app security.